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Tournament Info

Saturday May 5 and Sunday May 6 2018.
Takes place at Alex Manoogian School (755 rue Manoogian, St-Laurent, Qc, H4N 1Z5)
Teams will either play in the morning (10am-2pm) or afternoon (2pm-6pm)
If you would like to play, please complete the registration form on this website or contact our tournament organizers. You can join as an individual or you can sign up your own team. 
It costs 30$ per player to participate. Funds collected will be used to improve the AGBU Sports program. Payment will take place at the gym on May 5. 

We encourage all players to register right away to help us plan and accommodate you.

The very last day to register is Saturday April 28. 

The teams and the schedule will be released online on May 1st. 

This event is open to anyone 16 and up who is a member of the Armenian community. 

By member of the Armenian community, this means : anyone Armenian, anyone married to an Armenian, or anyone who is an active supporter of the Armenian community. 

Exceptionally for goalies, any goaltender can play regardless of their ethnicity, but they need to bring their own equipment.

Each game consists of 2 periods of 14 minutes.  

Each team consists of 6 or 7 players plus a goaltender.
Games are played 4-on-4 plus a goaltender. Each game will have a referee and stats will be noted throughout the tournament. The schedule and format will only be released in late April but each team can expect to play 2 games on Saturday and at least 1 game on Sunday. 

For security reasons, only sticks with a plastic blade are permitted.

Players are encouraged to bring their own sticks but the tournament organizers will also be providing sticks to players.

No! Hockey is without question a competitive sport  but this event is a recreational tournament open to ALL Armenians. 
 This is not a gateway to the big leagues but an opportunity to play hockey and support your community. All you need to know is how to hold a stick and all you truly need is a passion for sports or your community!
If you’re Armenian and like hockey, then this event is tailor made for you. 

2017 was the very first edition of the Armenian Ball Hockey Classic and nearly 50 Armenians and 8 teams participated. We’re expecting bigger and better numbers for 2018 but we need you! Sign up, bring your friends and help us get to 100 players! 

Hockey & Tournament Rules

This is a charity event for the Armenian community. Have fun, play hard but respect your teammates, your opponents and the volunteers. If you misbehave or play like a maniac, Ari Mercan will throw you out of the building personally!

  • Sticks – all sticks must have a plastic blade; we provide sticks for players
  • Eyewear – is optional; we provide them for those interested
  • Gloves, shin pads – are strongly suggested but not mandatory
  • Shirts – teams need to be color coordinated

All penalties assessed by the referee result in a penalty shot. This strict policy is intended to deter dangerous or unsportsmanlike play to the maximum. Penalties include : 

  • Diving at the legs of a player
  • Roughing
  • Cross-checking
  • Tripping
  • Slashing
  • Interference
  • High-sticking (placing your stick above the crossbar when you are not shooting)
  • Insulting  

A player who commits a flagrant penalty is automatically ejected from the game. Flagrant penalties include deliberate attempts to injure opponents, repeated dangerous play or any conduct that is unbecoming of a community sporting event. 

If the ball goes out of play, including roof contact

  • If the ball is last touched by the offence
    • Defensive team starts with ball behind goal line
    • Offensive team has to start behind or near center line. 
    • Play starts when D touches the ball
    • If ball not touched after 5 seconds, change of possession
  • If the ball is last touched by the defence
    • Offensive teams starts with ball at center line
    • Defensive team has to start behind 3/4 line (‘suicide line’)
    • Play starts when O touches ball
    • If ball not touched after 5 seconds, change of possession
  • If uncertain who ball went off : face off  

After a goal

  • D starts with ball behind goal line
  • O has to start behind center line
  • Play starts when D touches the ball
  • If ball not touched after 5 seconds, change of possession

If the ball is out of play and bounces directly back in, play continues (Contact with the roof or ceiling is considered out of bounds however)