summer league bball

2019 edition

Here are the basics

  • Games are on Thursday nights. There are 2 games per night, at 7:30pm and 8:35pm.
  • League runs for 10 weeks. Starts on June 27. Ends on August 29. 
  • There will be 4 teams. Please wear your team’s colour.   
  • Open to men and women ages 17+.  
  • Each game consists of 2 periods of 30 minutesThere will be a 3 min half time. 
  • Be on time – each game starts as soon as 5 players from each team are ready.
  • Running time at all times except the last 2 mins of the second half.

End of game rules

  • The last 2 mins of the second half are stop time if the score is within 7 points. 
  • There is a 30 second shot clock at the discretion of the referee.
  • There is no bonus rule per half. However, in the last 2 mins of the second half, if a team commits 2 fouls, then every foul as of the 2nd foul results in foul shots the rest of the game.
  • Overtime rule : if the game is tied, there will be a 2 min overtime, stop time. 

Here's a bit more

  • A male player is not permitted to block the shot of a female player. The defender may keep his hands straight up but can not make a motion downwards or sideways in an effort to block. Automatic 2 points will be awarded if a male player does not respect the rule. 
  • We’ll have a scorekeeper who will be taking down stats of every game. The schedule, the teams and stats will be posted online throughout the summer.
  • There will be one referee per game.  
  • We will be taking team and individual pictures on week 1.  

Very important

  • Don’t complain. If you’re not happy, join the YMCA.
  • The summer league is the only time of the year where players from different age groups – junior boys, senior women, senior men and veteran men can play together! The goal is to create a fun weekly game during the summer and to have fun. Treat all players and the referee with respect. If you are disrespectful to anyone, bark at the scorekeeper, bark at the referee or create an incident, you will be expelled with no refund. If you cannot handle this, do not join the summer league. 
  • 45$ per player. All players must pay the full amount on week 1. You can e-transfer the amount. If you forget to bring your registration fee on week 1, you will not play.  
  • Have fun and play hard! That’s the goal 🙂

Did you know?

  • In 2017, after 5 years of inactivity, we relaunched the Summer League will this unique co-ed and mixed group format. It was and remains our goal to bring members of the community together during the warm summer months. Throughout the year, players can compete at their appropriate levels but the summer league allows us to meet different teammates and members of the community. If you’re down with this idea, and looking to play ball in a fun, friendly & community setting, then you’ll be very pleased. If this is not your goal, there are literally dozens of other summer competitive leagues where people yell, scream and complain week in and week out. That ain’t us!