AGBU Summer league

2019 edition

registration form

I understand that this is a COMMUNITY basketball league. I will treat all people involved in the summer league including the referees with respect at all times and conduct myself honourably. If I have altercations with any member of the community, I understand that I will be expelled with no refund.

I understand that I must bring the registration fee (40$) in full for the first week. If you do not have cash, you can e-transfer the full amount. You will not play until you pay.

I understand that participating in sports involves risk, and I agree to assume those risks. I release and hold harmless AGBU, its committees and the volunteers involved in the program from any liability arising from my personal or my child’s participation.
Summer League is FREE for any player who agrees to be the scorekeeper for 1 game every week (You play one game and you are the scorekeeper for the other game). We need 2 scorekeepers. You have to be at the gym at least 5 min before game time.