Summer League 2019

AGBU Summer league

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This year's summer league will have a distinct GAME OF THRONES theme

The summer league has come to an end. Thank you to all players who participated. Hope to see you all next year!

Congratulations to the BLUE WILDLINGS who captured the championship, with a cinderella run in the playoffs!

Here are the 2019 All-AGBU Summer League Team Players (the top players)

  1. Hovannes Aghazarian (White Walkers)
  2. Talar Arabattlian (White Walkers)
  3. Noah Baghdadi (Red Dragons)
  4. Michael Guiragossian (Blue Wildlings)
  5. Eric Kavaldjian (Blue Wildlings)


reminder : relax & have a good time!

Did you know?

It’s been 3 years that we’ve relaunched the Summer League with a co-ed and mixed group format. Our goal is to bring members of the community together during the summer months. In fact, the summer league is the only time of the year where players of different age groups and genders can play together in an organized environment. This is what sets us apart and our goal, to bring the entire community of ballers together in a fun and friendly setting! 🏀