Summer League 2017


Here's the basics that you need to know :

  • Games are on Tuesday nights. There are 2 games per night, one at 7:30pm and one at 8:50pm. 
  • League runs for 11 weeks. Starts on June 27. Ends on September 5. Each team will have 2 off weeks during the summer where they don’t play.
  • Open to anyone 17+ who likes basketball – all age groups and teams – junior boys, senior men, senior women and veterans. The summer league is the only time all year where players from all age groups play together!
  • 5 teams were made by drafting players from all age groups and teams. A draft will be held a week before the season starts. At the midway point of the season, 3 players from every team will be traded to another team. These trades take place to ensure that teams are balanced and to get players to play with new teammates.
  • We’ll have a scorekeeper who will be taking down stats of every game. The schedule, the teams, the draft, the trades and stats will be posted online throughout the summer.
  • Send any requests before the league starts and you’ll get what you ask! Preferred game time? Make it known now! Don’t wait until the league starts – we won’t be able to help!
  • Please wear your team’s colour

Here’s some of our own basketball rules :

  • Each game consists of 2 periods of 35 minutes. There will be a 3 min break between each period. 
  • Be on time – each game starts as soon as 5 players from each team are ready.
  • Running time at all times.
  • Subs can made on the fly.
  • No overtime. If the game is tied with 2 mins left or less, the clock stops and the game becomes a “first team to 4 points wins”. Just to be clear, a 2 pointer is worth two points and a 3 pointer is worth three points.
  • To reduce costs, there are no referees. Players call their own fouls. All calls are respected with the ball being played back in from out of bounds. There is no debate on the validity of a foul. If a foul is called – it is automatically enforced. All basketball rules are enforced – travelling, double dribbling, backcourt, out of bounds, etc. If there is confusion on a call, the defensive team gets the ball.
  • If anyone commits repeated fouls, they will be kicked out of the league immediately. There are no “hard fouls” allowed. If you are beat to a spot on the court, do not intentionally foul. Simply move on to the next play!
  • If 2 or more players will be missing a game, we will try to find a substitute for your team.