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Return to Play Policy

Posted on Sept 12 2020

The Return to Play Policy establishes guidelines and requirements for all AGBU sports members. These are new procedures! Please take the time to read, understand and familiarize yourself with these changes.


Posted on Sept 12 2020

Each team will practice once a week in the beginning of the season.

Click here to see the tentative schedule.

Register now!

Posted on Sept 12 2020

Ready to play? Follow these 3 steps :
1) Complete registration form
2) Complete the consent waiver
3) Complete the payment online

All hockey & basketball players must register.


When exactly will we restart?

Our hope is to restart youth basketball on September 26 with adult teams starting shortly afterwards. That being said, the current situation in Québec will determine exactly when we restart. The school and AGBU are monitoring the case count and may delay the start if the outbreak gets worse. Unfortunately the number of cases has worsened in the last 7 days and if that trend worsens, that might delay the start.

I'm not comfortable registering right now, can I join at a later date?

Yes of course.

As of when will my team practice twice a week ?

In the best case scenario where there are no outbreaks and guidelines are respected, perhaps in 1-2 months. It could be much longer if there are outbreaks or if guidelines are not respected.

I have 2 kids who want to play basketball on Saturdays but they play at different times. Can they both arrive together?

For the first month, unfortunately no.

However, we are looking into a long-term solution for this => reserving a room in the school where children can wait until their practice starts or ends. That would allow your children to arrive and leave together and help parents.

But for the first month, that's not possible. Our focus when we start is to see whether the Return to Play Policy guidelines are respected and effective. Afterwards, we're going to try to add that waiting room for young kids to help parents.


Good news at last!! Our sports activities are resuming, but in a much more controlled and limited setting

Read the Return to Play Policy to be aware of the new procedures in place and mandatory for all members.

If you're ready to play : Register online! Complete the registration form on this website. Once that's done, sign the consent waiver.

The last step is to make the membership payment. This year all payments must be made online through e-transfer or credit card.

We will get in touch with all registered members in about 10 days to provide the start date for their particular group.