We’re excited to welcome everyone to a new season of basketball at AGBU. We offer basketball for boys and girls, starting from the age of 6 and we encourage all interested players to join our AGBU sports family. 


  • All children ages 6 to 16 enter our youth basketball development program.
  • Practices take place once a week on Saturdays.
  • Our youth basketball development program is intended to teach children the game of basketball in a fun and safe environment by a qualified coach with decades of experience in basketball training.
  • The program focuses on improving individual skills and teaching team play. For many children, this is their introduction to organized basketball which is why our program focuses on teaching basketball fundamentals and steadily improving their individual skills. As our players improve & our numbers increase, we have started to include a team approach to their training by grouping the kids in different teams, introducing them to exhibition games, tournaments, providing them uniforms and organizing group outings. We will take more steps in this direction this year!

The first practice is on Saturday September 7 2019.

The head coach of the development program, Fadi Rishani, is a FIBA certified coach. This means that the governing body of basketball throughout the world, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), has certified him as a licenced coach. It’s not a stretch to say that the kids are in qualified hands!

This will be determined by the 3rd week of the season. We will separate the children into different groups based on their age & experience. Each group will have a session of 1 hour and 15 mins. The groups should be completed by the third week.  The earliest group starts at 10am. For the first practice of the season, we will send each parent an email indicating the TIME to show up once they complete the registration form.  

We group the children into different teams based on their age and experience. It’s not an exact science. It depends on the number of children enrolled but ideally there will be 12-15 children in each group.  

Membership fee for children : 200$ for the year

Payment can be made by cash or cheque (to “AGBU”) at the beginning of the season. Post-dated cheques can be written. We ask all parents to make the payments in the first two weeks. of the season.

Parents who cannot make the membership payment in part or in full can contact the sports committee. The membership fee for a child can be waived exceptionally & the child can participate.

Our basketball development program is intended for children of all skill levels & experience. Most of our groups have a mix of new and returning players. Both beginners and experienced players are welcome 

All parents must register their children

Step 1 : complete the registration form NOW by clicking here 

Step 2 : pay the membership fee.

Membership fee is 200$ per child for the entire season. Payment can be made by cash or cheque to “AGBU”. Post-dated cheques can be written. We ask all parents to please bring the membership fee at the first two practices in September.

Junior & Senior

🏀 Junior Men: ages 15 to 21

🏀 Junior Girls: ages 15 to 21

🏀 Senior Women: ages 18 +

🏀 Senior Men competitive: ages 18 +

🏀 Senior Men recreational: ages 18 +

🏀Veteran Men recreational: ages 35 +

The 2019-2020 season begins in September and ends in June.

All groups must have a team representative, either a coach, parent or a player. The team REP is the official person of contact for the team and the link between the group and the sports committee.

Their responsibilities include :

  • Communicating messages to the group
  • Communicating messages to the sports committee
  • Ensuring all players are registered members & rules are followed
  • Helping coordinate activities with the sports committee
  • Providing leadership to the group and encouraging team building

All adult groups will also have a liaison person from the sports committee who they can reach out to for any questions, issues, plans or feedback.

All adults who want to play sports must register.

Step 1 : complete the registration form

Step 2 : pay the membership fee.

Payment can be made by cash or cheque to “AGBU”. Post-dated cheques can be written.  

Once a week, basketball : 125 $

Twice a week, basketball : 200 $

Three times a week, basketball : 275 $

All adults who use the gym for sports must be paid members and complete the registration form. There are no exceptions for adults.

Payment can be made by cash or cheque to “AGBU”. Post-dated cheques can be written.  

​Membership fees for adults must be paid in full by September 30. Starting this year, if a team has not completed payments in full for alltheir members by September 30, they will be refunded and their gym slot will immediately be transferred to another paying group

AGBU is a membership-based organization. By being a paid member, you are joining our community and supporting our purpose. Simply put, membership fees keep our community alive and allow us to grow our sports program!

The sports committee works tirelessly every year to reduce membership fees to a minimum cost. Through fundraising and special events, we keep the fees down to a very reasonable amount as well as subsidize children from lower income families so that they can participate in our sports program. That being said, for us to maintain and improve our sports activities, we need our members to make their contribution through their membership payments.

Gym availability is limited. We do not have unlimited access to the school gym. Not only do we have more and more sports groups, but other groups including the scouts, dance groups, school subgroups and others also use the gym for their activities. We try to distribute the gym slots we have as fairly as possible.