Sports season officially over

Posted on May 12 2020

Unfortunately due to the COVID19 crisis, we will not be able to safely resume playing sports before the end of the season in June. The 2019-2020 season is over.

Click here to download the official announcement and for a description of the great progress our AGBU sports program has made during the last 3 years.

Stay safe friends

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what comes next ?

All sports activities remain suspended for the time being until further notice.

We don't know when sports will restart. No one knows. We will follow the recommendations of the public health experts. Once a month, we will provide an update on this website and on social media

Once we get the OK to resume, we will, whether that's in August, September or in 2021. It's possible that when we restart, it will be in small groups of 5 or less players. It's possible that no sports will take place until there is a vaccine. It's possible that things will be like usual. All options will be explored.

Stay positive but be patient. Eventually we will be back playing sports 🙂

A message of encouragement : Over the last 3 years, our sports program has greatly improved. But we're not satisfied ==> we're just gettin' started. We have huge ambitions for the future. Obviously when we restart, especially at first, we will need to adapt to the coronavirus. Smaller practices and gatherings might be necessary. But eventually things will get back to normal and at that point, we'll push forward with our next 3 year plan to take our sports program to the next level!

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