About Us

About us

AGBU Montreal

AGBU Montreal is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting  Armenian culture and identity, and to preserving the Armenian heritage. AGBU Montreal is a member of the worldwide family of AGBU institutions and is a natural partner of l’École Armen-Québec Alex Manoogian. You can find more information on AGBU Montreal by visiting its website : http://agbumontreal.org

AGBU Montreal Sports

AGBU Montreal Sports refers to the sports program of AGBU Montreal.

Our sports program is centered around basketball. Over the last several years, we’ve invested considerable ressources in improving all aspects of our program. We introduced an exceptional development program for children, added skilled and qualified coaches, expanded both the number of teams and age categories we offer, reinforced our existing teams, invested in new equipment, simplified our registration process and increased our presence online. We’ve continued our tradition of hosting the annual Chahen Chamlian basketball tournament in October and rebooted our in-house summer league, making it coed. More recently, we added an annnual ball hockey tournament to go along with our senior floor hockey team that plays on a weekly basis.

Our core mission is to keep the Armenian-Canadian community connected through sports and our focus is on providing all our members an enjoyable experience, whether they are playing on a competitive or recreational level. All of this in a community atmosphere, while promoting physical fitness, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.